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NEW and completely FREE streaming Android app for downloading or watching Movies and TV Shows now available for all Android phones and tablets and Android based devices. If you were wondering where to watch the newest Movie titles, blockbusters or keep track with your favourite TV Shows, then you finally came to the right place. Now you can have all of that in just one app and the best thing is that it is totally free with no hidden fees, monthly and annual subscriptions or costs. You can download or watch it everywhere you go with no limitations at extra HD quality and screening without any delays or interferences. It is entirely up to you to choose whether you will download them to your smartphone, watch online or connect it to your TV and enjoy hours and hours of endless fun and amusement. It is suitable for all age range because everyone can find a perfect fit for them, either animated movies for your precious little ones, drama and romance for the dreamy ones, action, thriller and science fiction for the adrenalin seekers.

ShowBox Features

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Allows you to filter the entire collection only to Movies so you can find easier the titles and genres you prefer.

Tv Shows

If you have your eyes and mind set on TV Shows then you are just one click away from searching only among the TV Shows titles.


You have the option to make your own collection of Movies and TV Shows where you will be able to have all of your favourite in one place for even faster and easier access and you will also have the feature of the two being divided into subcategories.


And it just keeps getting better and better, with this feature you get notifications of any new episodes of your favourite TV series without worrying about it.


With this feature you just need to start typing the Movie title you are searching for and the system will do the rest and help you by narrowing the entire collection according to your search keywords.


A folder where you will be able to keep track of all Movies and TV Shows that you have already downloaded.


Using this filter will help you sort the titles according to their number and alphabetical order.


Just as the name itself predicts, the rating filter is used to set the Movies and TV Shows according to their rating.


In this category you will find the new, latest released and added Movies and TV Shows.


Due to very large and extensive database of Movies and TV Shows you can use the genre filter which enables you to choose the categories according to your wishes, needs and moods.


Rating IMDB

If you are interested in the most quality titles that were given highest score and reviews from the certified critics then this is the filter you should use, it will organize the collection in a descending order.


Another very important decision maker when it comes to Movies and TV Shows is the year of their release, so in case you are undecided what to download or watch, you can choose the year and the system will organize the titles accordingly.

About us

ShowBox is very simple and easy to use, the creators of it share the same passion and love for Movies and TV Shows as well as their users so they knew exactly what was necessary and important to make and at the same time missing so far. While creating this app they had in mind the end user and how to make it as easiest as possible and safe at the same time to allow people the ability to have access to a large database of Movies and TV Shows in the comfort of their homes, vacations, hotel rooms, country houses and similar relaxing atmospheres.

The Homepage is full of latest movie posters that are currently running in the cinemas worldwide. Tap on any of them opens the Movie or TV Show where you have the option to Download or Watch it as well as recommendations of other titles similar to the chosen one. You also have the ability to add it to your Favorites folder, to get more info like short summary, genre, IMDB rating or to watch trailer. As a plus to it all you can share it to your friends and community by several options like Email, Message, Bluetooth, Skype, Hangouts or Twitter.

All of you probably know how difficult it is today to find great and verified sources of Movies and TV Shows and in case you find them, they have some sort of compensations and fees or they are just poor quality.

ShowBox offers a collection of Movies and TV Shows all in one app without having to pay anything.

Sounds too good to be true? Come and see for yourself what everybody else are highly recommending and buzzing about.

App download and installation

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After downloading the app you will just have to confirm the access to the endless content of entertainment and you are free to start enjoying the ShowBox app.

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Feedback and help

You are more than welcome to leave any comments, feedback, suggestions and we are here to listen and hear your thoughts to make our service even better. The same goes in case you need any help with something, feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you.